All cards are with PIN-codes and full holder info!

What to do with this credit cards? - You can read the instructions here.

Bank of MelbourneVisa Classic1 card1585.90 AUD90 $
Bank of MelbourneVisa Classic1 card2530.50 AUD125 $
Bank of MelbourneVisa Classic1 card2845.34 AUD140 $
Bank of MelbourneVisa Classic1 card1283.20 AUD65 $
Heritage BankVisa Gold1 card2850.00 AUD140 $
Heritage BankVisa Classic1 card950.00 AUD45 $
Heritage BankVisa Gold1 card6850.10 AUD350 $
Heritage BankVisa Classic1 card1268.00 AUD60 $
Bank of MelbourneVisa Classic5 cards≈ 14K AUD TOTAL700 $
Bank of MelbourneVisa Classic10 cards≈ 21K AUD TOTAL1000 $

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